Lesson: Go on a Cruise!

ttttuong 31 Oct 2021 15:29
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For openers, let's listen this audio a few times to sumarize spoken text.

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Are you sick of long road trips in a car? Do you find long trips in an airplane boring? Do you want to travel in a special way? You should take a cruise to all the places you would like to see!

Go by cruise ship to the northeast part of the US! Go late in the year. Then, you can enjoy the colors of the autumn leaves on the trees. It is a beautiful sight.

Do you like to look at man-made wonders? Go on a cruise to the Panama Canal! Do you want to see icebergs? Do you want to look at seals and whales? Go on a cruise to Alaska!

Wherever you may choose to go, a cruise is a great way to travel. Book a trip on a cruise ship today! You will love it!
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