Road map

Interested in what we have planned? We're creating a cool application for English learners to improve their language skills. This project is totally free from now until forever more. We will never make it to be a commercial program!

What lies ahead:

  • Display number of vocabulary for each topic.
  • Clear all data of inactivity users in at least 2 months.
  • Add top 10 activity learners in information page for each topic.
  • Build the reading assistant for each topic.
  • Build notification system.
  • Remake the dashboard.
  • Remind incorrect words to learners via Telegram.
  • Anonymous will be able to add questions in discussion.


What we've done:

  • Launched the notes of every words in transcript.
  • Launched reading comprehension quiz system.
  • Improved performance for corrections.
  • Improved site performance.
  • Upgraded lessons filter system and search by keyword.
  • Added the notebook in dictation.

  • Build the words challenge to memorize new words easier and longer.
  • Created vocabulary from incorrect words.
  • Launched correction and sharing dictation results.
  • Launched transcription with inline audio.

  • Published the landing page.
  • Created the flashcard for the incorrect words.
  • Launched the discussion.
  • Created the dashboard.
  • Build the chat online system.
  • Apps for Android and IOS were released.

  • Build the clearing data and closing down account.
  • Created text analysis feature.
  • Added a donate button to buying us a couple of beers.
  • Build English language parters listing and filter.

  • Added word suggestion and settings for dictation.
  • Collection of feedback and fixing first bugs.
  • Launched

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