Freestyle question: ~ How do you write a narrative essay?
You can write many types of essays in high school or college. The most basic type of academic essay, a narrative essay, is the simplest. It can be written as a short story. This is how to create an outstanding essay.Narrative Essay FormatA five paragraph narrative essay typically has an introduction, three paragraphs in the main body and one conclusion.
You can adjust the number of paragraphs in the body to suit the topic.These five elements are usually the foundation of a story: characters, plot, setting, conflict, theme, and resolution.PlotThe plot describes the events you plan to include in your story. It describes the sequence of events in your story.SettingThe setting refers to the place where the event took place. This could be your home, your school, or anywhere else you were at that time.
CharactersCharacters refer to the individuals involved in an incident. It doesn't matter if the main character is mentioned or not.
ConflictConflict refers to the problem that the characters face during the incident. Conflict is a situation in which there is tension.ThemeThe essay's topic explains the overall purpose of the story and the reasons for choosing the narrative essay topic.
This sample essay will help you to understand the above elements.

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