Top 10 Language Exchange Websites to Speak English Fluently

Top 10 Language Exchange Websites to Speak English Fluently

Language exchange websites (we also call them conversation exchange, chat exchange or speaking exchange websites) are a fantastic idea for language learners. You can study a foreign language completely for free AND make friends with native English speakers at the same time!

However, once you get started it’s almost impossible to stop. It can get quite addictive, especially if you make many new friends who want to talk to you every day!

Many of you have asked me whether I know of any good language exchange communities, where you can practice conversing in English with native speakers. The majority of those who asked me, come from countries in Asia and Europe. Here on the blog, via email and on our Facebook page.

Thank you for this. And I’d like to encourage you to continue asking me questions – whenever you would like to ask something about English or have an opinion, please share it with me.

So, here are the 10 most popular language exchange communities, composed of the sites you’d voted for as the best all week, plus some that I feel deserve to be on this list, based on my own personal experiences.



We open discussions on our forum, where you can find people to practice English with on Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google+.

You can also enter our LIVE voice and video chat room and talk to other English learners right now

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2. Speaky

Find and meet native speakers from all around the world.
Practice via online video chat. It is free. For anyone. From anywhere.


3. HowDoYou.Do

A great language exchange website. You can quickly sign up with your email address, Facebook or Google+ account.

This is what you see when you are inside. You can text chat, video talk or simply voice chat. There are usually at least 10 people in the chat rooms. Very easy to use. Fantastic website to practice English.



A very friendly language exchange community. This website is absolutely amazing. Besides the main reason for this list (language exchange) you can also play games to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation. Test yourself and share the results with your virtual friends.

By the way, FRIENDS, are on the background image. Always with you! language exchange 1024x455


5. Easy Language Exchange

Easy Language Exchange makes language learning convenient and free for all. They provide all the essential tools to make languages easy for you. Practice reading, writing and speaking with people from all over the world.

Although this website is new you will find it is already quite popular. You will most certainly be made to feel very welcome.

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6. LingoGlobe is a free Language Exchange Community. Learn and practise foreign languages with native speakers. Discuss on the Lingo Globe language forum or even a live chat.

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7. CoffeeStrap

WithCoffeeStrap you find awesome native speakers. You text and talk with them, and you get fluent. They are supporting 12 languages, included: English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian.

You can find language exchange partners, practice speaking a foreign language, ask questions, find free online language resources, and get help from an international community of language learners.

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8. Tandem

Tandem is a mobile-only community where language learners can chat via text, audio, and video on topics that are most of interest to them. It is also possible to find a language tutor to have remote lessons with through the app.

  • Users from 150+ countries
  • Over 150 different languages practised

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9. is one of the biggest language exchange communities out there.

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10. Language Exchange Project

A special project by a polish guy, Greg. @LangExchange. His website works brilliantly. The community is live and personally I love his other projects as well.

Practice English for free! I’m looking forward to hearing your comments about this list. Which website is your favourite? Which ones do you like or dislike, and why?

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